Help Wanted

I have no idea how he came up with this one!  Actually, I can say that about most ideas he has.   I picked him up early from school yesterday for an appointment and he was all business.

Johnny:  Mommy, I ate my cookies from my snack.

Me:  Good, let’s go.

Johnny:  I need an agent!

Me:  Reeaallly, and why would YOU need an agent?

Johnny:  Because I am out of cookies and if I had an agent these things wouldn’t happen.  Also, they would get me nachos!

Enter School Principal (overhearing):  Watch out Mom, pretty soon he will only eat Green M&M’s.

Johnny:  I don’t like candy, someone tell that guy I don’t eat candy.

Soooo, I guess Johnny is taking applications.  Apply early!  Oh yeah, and the buying  of candy is grounds for immediate termination.  Little insider info…..I recommend you bring Nachos to the interview.

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  1. Mary OConnell says:

    I love love love reading your facebook comments. I have always said I would keep a journal on everything John says. He is amazing and could be stand up in an improv show.

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