Vitals, Stat!

Yesterday I had to take Johnny for a follow up Doctor’s appointment.  He goes to this Doctor infrequently, so it’s usually a good time.  Weelll, maybe not so much for the nurses.  For starters, they earn their (not enough) money just trying to get his vitals.  At this visit, let’s just say, the poor Nurse needed blood pressure medicine when we left.

Nurse:  Now sit in this chair and be real still so I can get  your blood pressure.

Johnny:  OW! That hurts!

Nurse:  Just relax and take a deep breath.

Johnny:  How am I supposed to relax with this thing squeezing my arm?!

Nurse:  Imagine you are lying on a sunny beach.

Johnny:  Great! Now the sun is burning my eyes!

Nurse (Refusing to be had be beaten by my son):  Just think how good the warm sand feels.

Johnny:  I can’t because now an Octupus is coming to bite off my arm!

Nurse (waiving the white flag) to Me:  Do you have more children?

Me:  Why yesss I do, I said with pride and they will be here on Friday!!

Uuumm, I think she had her blood pressure taken when we left and then asked for Friday off!

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  1. Jody says:

    on the floor! that is the best dr visit story I’ve ever heard! Way to go John! I especially liked the Octopus visual…quick, that johnny is quick!

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