Take the Wheel?

I’m no Dannica Patrick.  I don’t spend time gloating about my awesome, turn on a dime driving abilities.  I just step on the gas and get that 12 YEAR OLD MINI VAN…….. with kids hanging out of it…….. where it needs to go.

There is not much style involved in the whole process, but when you are a family that can wash loads and loads of “khaki” shorts and pants……style is not a word used to describe us…..unless of course the statement is, “they are SO out of style.

In the last few months, Johnny has grown increasingly agitated with my driving.  Apparently, he has a standard…….and well……I am not meeting it!

Frequently, he will sigh with disgust and say, “Let me drive.”  Being a responsible  parent, I say……….. NO JOHNNY, YOU ARE NINE!!

This morning, coming out of the bagel shop and walking to the van, he thought we would work a new angle:

Johnny:  Can I steer the wheel?

Me:  No!

Johnny:  How about you steer and I’ll work the pedals?

Me:  NO!

Johnny:  BUT  I Waaannnnt to!!!

Me:  Sorry, pal.

Johnny:  Aaaaahhhhh, you NEVER let me DRIVE THE CAR!!

That’s right, Johnny, and unless I become that desparate for a designated driver……consider yourself a PASSENGER!!!!

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  1. Tami says:

    I’m enjoying your blog, Amy!! That kid is nuts!! 🙂

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