Guest Blogger – The Little Brother

My guest blogger…The Little Brother.  Even though until today he did not know I had brown eyes, he is still watching my every move.  In his defense he explained because I am always taller than him so it has been hard to see.  But I guess this “short stuff” might be churning around in his not so wee mind because he felt the urge to “blog.”  I let him have at it.

Please give him the guest treatment and maybe a little feedback, you will make his day.

Now is your chance, he could be on the Life Coach circuit and be too busy to get back to you.

It`s Tough Being my Age and Size but we can get Through our Life.

Hi! I`m the “the little brother” and I know its tough being the yougest it`s like being the runt of the litter. It feels like nobody feels your pain and I know it. Most people think we can`t achieve much but look at James Madison he was only about 5ft. tall and he became president.Now if he did that we don`t you think we could acomplish stuff to.Don`t let those people get to you because we can do things to.It doen`t matter your age or size you can be the fastest in your class or smartest anyway.So do what you can and show what you can acomplish.Little bro out!Good luck everybody!

9 Responses to Guest Blogger – The Little Brother

  1. jeanne says:

    Little brother I have been a fan of yours since you were 4. Great blog. I am going to make sure Sam reads it as soon as he gets home from basketball practice. I think this will help him. Keep the blog flowing. Hope to see ou soon.

  2. Marcey says:

    I love it, Tim! I’m short, too, but my mom is even shorter. So, there’s always someone worse off than you! And, you’re right about all the more important things you can accomplish! Go, Tim!

  3. jim shunk says:

    You keep it up Little brother, you have the right attitude.

  4. “Little Brother”, though I don’t know about being the little anything I am such a fan of many that are the smaller of size, you especially! Keep up the great attitude. Love and miss you! Aunt Carol!!

  5. hilary says:

    Little brother – HI!
    Size doesn’t matter and remember, you may be smaller now, but who knows what the future holds…

  6. Margaret says:

    Hi Amy- I read your blog all the time, should have responded to something sooner. Here is a great quote from les mis for you, little bro: “Little people know, when little people fight, we may look easy pickings but we’ve got some bite! So never kick a dog because its just a pup. We’ll fight like twenty armies and we won’t give up, so you’d better run for cover when the pup grows up!

  7. Tom says:

    Hey, Little Bro. You are right about this “little” buisness – don’t let them give you the buisness. Cool blog. Please guest blog again soon.

  8. Amy says:

    Little Brother…well said! Both my brothers felt like the runts of the litter when they were your age and both grew to be 6 feet tall! Hang in there! Some day soon, you’ll be looking down at your Mom because you’ll be so tall.

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