Moving Day!

Moving Day!

Being a good military wife and all, there is one of many skills that needs to constantly be honed to stay in tip-top, Military Wife condition.  Never wanting to be caught “off-guard”, we must stay on top of “our game”.  It is for our sanity and the good of our families existence. Without it, we would live in or out of a cardboard box…literally. That Dear Reader, would be the skill set to, on a moments notice (or less), be able to see at which warp speed and agility I can have my families entire existence packed into boxes and relocated to another “home” where, if I’m lucky, and not suffering from situational whiplash, at least 85% of our treasures will be unpacked and haphazardly “displayed” in said new “home.”  IF…and only if…I’m lucky.

Luck and other things like if the truck arrives on the right day, Johnny isn’t yelling at packers to stop trying to “steal his toys”, The Captain is with us, nobody is in the hospital, nobody is being potty trained and the sky isn’t opening up with snow or rain.  All true stories…but I digress.

But…as luck would have it The Captain has NOT been ordered to pack it up and move it on.  So here I am, left with nothing to pack, nothing to move.  And more tragically, no more excuses for my house looking like we just moved in.  Or my second favorite excuse…we are getting ready to move.

All that being considered, I did the most logical thing…I FOUND something to move.  My BLOG!  That’s right.  Just like a big grown up 18-year-old that has learned all they need to know and are ready to conquer the world, I have taken the big leap into the “real” world.  No more curfew, I can stay up all night, eat cake for breakfast, chips for dinner.  Heck, I can even do all that in the living room.  NOW, that’s what I call living the LIFE.  Well, that, and a little red wine…or more…that is situational as well.

I have learned from some of the best.  And their words of wisdom whispered in my ear.  Don’t be a FOOL, get all hands on deck.  Summons the troops.  Don’t go it alone.  And if you do, DO NOT coming whining to us.  Weeelll, they are some pretty awesome best, so they would still help.  But at the least, would definitly tell me to stop whining.  Or is that my Dad.  Anywho.

With all that in mind I called in the troops, the Professionals.  And with help from Jessica at Jelly Fish Web ( and much cheerleading from the sidelines of the blogosphere, I have packed it in and moved on up.

That’s right.  Out there on my own.   And since my Mom wouldn’t let me change my name when I was 6 to Diane, like I begged, I am taking back my power and giving my blog a new name…Life According to Johnny.    I even did a little redecorating. Never called Nate Berkus once.  I hope you like what I did with the place.

You will notice I even hung up some pictures!  Thanks to Matt at and his magical lighting and talent.  If you are in the D.C./Northern Virginia area, give him a call.  He can also make your family look perfect and well-behaved.

I am excited to invite you over and give you my new name and address.  Please write it down and stop by often.  I made sure I got extra space so all 10 of you can bring a friend.

Excuse the dust but please come by, have a drink, a laugh or a sigh and visit at  You should not have trouble finding me as I have a shiny new address sign as well.  Check it out:

LATJ Button 3

If you want one for your address book go to my front porch and take one of my calling cards, I got one for each of us.

Please forgive the mess while I settle into my new home.  Despite all of my bragging, I’m not so good at the unpacking business.  Pssst…don’t tell the Navy…they might make me practice!






3 Responses to Moving Day!

  1. Jeanne fairbanks says:

    Amy….your are beautiful!

  2. Hilary says:

    Congrats on the move! and you are so smart to bring in the professionals. I have moved several times and always tried to do it myself… then I got frustrated and had to enlist the IT team at work or my offices internet service co!

  3. Kathy says:

    Welcome to your new bloggy home! It looks great and I think you will be very happy here! 🙂

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