Monthly Archives: September 2014

Part Two

microblogGrief splits your life into two parts.  Before and after. I was looking at a picture of The Captain and I from a baby shower my neighborhood had right before Madeline was born.   I look at the picture and I think, look how relaxed we look and there is a  sparkle in our eyes.   There was worry as we knew we faced many challenges but we had something precious, hope.  Therein lies the root of such sorrow… lost hope.

If Only


A year of milestones.  Some bittersweet and exciting to witness.  Others, heartbreaking and overwhelming.  The realization that the baby girl I grieve for would now be a little girl, ready for Kindergarten. I long for what might have been.  The first day picture that will never be.  While I grieve her absence I attempt to hold on with all of my might so as not to miss a minute of the boys who bless my life.  High school, middle school and kindergarten.  What a year it would have been, if only.